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MY NAME IS COACH RON NASH. I've been coaching and mentoring professionals and collaborating with Fortune-500 companies for decades. If I could share one piece of wisdom with you that I learned in that time, it would be this: A career you love is only the first step in creating a life you love.


Students and professionals alike can benefit from our programs. Whether you’re involved in an educational organization, an alumni association, or a corporate business, there is a place for you in the Coach Ron Nash (“CRN”) Career Center.


In my many years of experience, I’ve found that all my students and mentees, regardless of where they are in their lives, are more successful at reaching their goals when they bring mindfulness into the equation.

Perks of mindfulness are tangible. The American Psychological Association cites it as a hopeful strategy for alleviating depression, anxiety and pain. Also, a mindfulness practice can shrink the brain’s jumpy fight or flight center, the amygdala, according to 2013 research out of U of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon. Another study, done at U of Wisconsin-Madison, found that people who meditate regularly have different patterns of brain electricity potentially leading to more efficient attention-paying and learning.

Mindfulness is an awareness of what you truly want and need, without judging your thoughts or impulses or allowing anyone else’s opinions to sway your thinking. It’s a practice that teaches you how to be present in the moment and to focus without the noise of outside voices. That’s why we have developed signature career coaching and life mentoring courses using mindfulness as our tool of choice.


Networking is a vital piece of the puzzle in creating a viable and satisfying career. But it is also a mystery to many, and a vastly under-used tool. As a former recruiter for fortune 500 companies, LinkedIn® has been my tool of choice over many years. I have been called the “LinkedIn Whisperer” because of my high-level strategies in leveraging LinkedIn to network and ultimately find the career in which you will excel and thrive.



Team Coach Ron Nash is now working with organizations to bring our on-demand solutions to students, alumni, and working professionals. Currently, we partner with the following types of organizations:


Did you know that only 13% of Millennials are actually on LinkedIn? Our programs will give your students the competitive edge they need to be successful in their career.


A whopping 87% of Human Resource professionals say that they will not even consider a job seeker as a valid candidate if they do not have a professional looking profile on LinkedIn.


Did you know that LinkedIn is one of the most effective and easy ways to keep in touch with your students once they’ve graduated?


Incorporating mindfulness practice with LinkedIn is more important now than it has ever been at any time in history. With hundreds of millions of members worldwide, LinkedIn is the social networking tool revolutionizing the 21st-century workforce, and it is only going to continue to expand and capture market share.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your career, whether you’re fresh out of school or a long-time executive—LinkedIn is where you need to be to take your career to the next level.

My new book, HOW TO LINKEDIN: THE SCIENCE OF MAXIMIZING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND, will show you how to do exactly that, step-by-step.

It teaches individuals from different industries, backgrounds, and levels of experience to harness their unique skills and experiences to build a professional personal brand and virtual networking relationships anywhere in the world.

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Career coach and mentor Ron Nash and Team “CRN” are dynamic speakers with experience educating and entertaining crowds large and small.

Through our innovative combination of social technology, virtual coaching, and mindfulness philosophy, Team CRN is redefining how professionals climb the career ladder in the 21st century. The team excels in helping new graduates and executives as well as start-ups and legacy companies build their brands on LinkedIn.

Live events bring heightened energy and opportunities to connect with others and build strong, lasting networks. At a live event, there is an infectious energy that abounds. Our speakers often connect with members of a live audience with personalized, spontaneous coaching!



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